Rapid Scaling of an Apparel Brand

Digital Advertising

A US-based women’s apparel brand wanted to amplify some initial smaller scale success by rapidly scaling online. Canal Digital Studio quickly developed a full-funnel digital advertising program which was able to dramtically expand brand awareness and drive signficant revenue growth quickly

Digital advertising often works best as an accelerant of previous successess, Canal used this principle to more than double revenue in under 12 months.


Increase in Ad Spend


Increase in Digital Revenue YoY


Decrease in CaC


From the start, the US-based apparel brand had a small but strong following which the Canal team first learned all about. Understanding why the brand was successful at a smaller scale help shape Canal's diagnosis that, simply put, the brand needed more reach. The brand was successful at converting and holding customers who were exposed to it but there wasn't enough exposure.


The Canal team developed, executed, managed and scale a digital advertising program which focused on expanding and enhancing product/brand awareness via primarily Instagram advertising. While 80% of focus was placed on reach, 20% of the campaigns also successfully focused on nurturing/bringing back existing customers.

With Canal's direction, the client was able to develop and provide high quality creative for different product categories, seasons and promotions which help keep the ad campaign fresh, relevant and highly targeted.


Over 2 years, the Canal team significantly enhanced the brand stature, increased its loyal following, and more than doubled the average monthly revenue.


Decrease in Cost Per Lead


Revenue from New Customers MoM


Increase in Product Awareness

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