SEO & PPC Drive a Successful Product Launch

Go-To-Market Digital Strategy

A major Japanese appliance manufacturer needed a Go-to-Market strategy which quickly built brand awareness and could work in sync with their PR agency. Canal Digital Studio jumped in and successfully launched the brand.

Increase in Launch Traffic
return on ad spend within 10 weeks
Increase in revenue



With a tight schedule, the Japanese manufacturer aimed to launch into the American market for the first time. The brand enjoys near universal recognition in Japan, thanks to successful television advertising campaigns but had little to no experience with digital eCommerce strategy abroad. When they contacted Canal Digital Studio, the manufacturer needed guidance on where exactly to invest in digital growth.



Working together with Camron PR, our team assisted the brand in understanding the North American marketplace and developed a strategy which quickly raised awareness via Leveraging and digitally amplifying Camron PR’s earned media successes. This ensured that many newcomer’s first impression of the brand included recommendations from top-tier publications such as the Wall Street Journal.


Targeted digital advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google which both introduced the brand and drove substantial sales.


As a lot of the brand’s Japanese digital presence was cluttering up North American organic search results, our primary SEO goals was to create a clean organic path for all branded terms. This included a 301 redirect strategy, language setting redirect strategy, on-page optimization and technical SEO improvements of the new North American web properties.

Six months after launch, our team had directly driven over 45% of all launch traffic, achieved a 2.5x return on all digital ad spend and had created a clean organic search path for the brand.

of revenue generated via additional conversions
non-branded keywords ranking competitively
new users to the website