A Design Studio Goes Digital

Digital Strategy

After many years of working with traditional PR firms, a Brooklyn-based design studio was looking to experiment with a digital growth strategy. Canal Digital Studio developed and implemented a unique digital plan which introduced the studio and its custom pieces to a large new audience.


People Introduced to the Studio


Video Views


Social Follows


High-end Design studios rely upon wealthy collectors and commercial clients to survive and grow. Traditionally, client bases are grown via earned media and industry influencers, no major Designer has focused on a digital-first growth strategy.  The studio brought in Canal Digital Studio to develop and enact a digital-first. The approach was designed to reach both a wide online Design audience and attracted new collectors.


Initial development centered around content consulting. What media assets did the studio have? What media were they producing? Who is it intended for? What story did they have to tell? What format and platform would serve the studio best? Canal Digital Studio worked hand-in-hand with their in-house production team on their development of image, video and podcast creative content to suit their unique goals.

Next, Canal Digital Studio built a multi-channel content and advertising campaign design to appeal to four different viewers/consumers: the design enthusiast, the young/working designer, high-end collectors and commercial buyers..

After content development, analytics setups and A/B testing calendars were cemented, the campaigns launched. Canal Digital Studio managed, iterated and provided analytics-based reporting.


We moved a Design studio past traditional PR, developing and enacting a successful digital-first growth strategy.


Increase in Web Traffic


Increase in Web Searches


Video Shares

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