Rebuilding the Digital Sales Funnel for a DTC Furniture Company

Digital Advertising

Following months of missing revenue goals, a DTC-first furniture brand brought in Canal to deep dive into their full funnel data and redevelop their main sales funnel driver: Digital Advertising.

16 Month

Length of YoY Revenue Decline Reversed by Canal


YoY Revenue Increase


Increase in Key Orders


For this DTC home-decor brand, over a quarter of missing revenue targets and a 16 consecutive-months decline or a key-indicator order, it was time reevaluate strategies. Canal Digital Studio began with a full data and technical audit of the marketing analytics, digital advertising and digital marketing data and stack. It became quickly evident that a series out-dated tactics, analytics holes and technical glitches was severely handicapping the whole sales funnel.


As you cannot manage what you cannot measure, the first step was inventory and prioritize all the issues found within the audit. Furthermore, the Canal team completed competitor research to ensure any new strategic direction would increase competitiveness. Next came a complete clean up of the ad accounts, implementation of a universal attribution platform as a source of truth, the development of a full inventory feed that allowed the brand to significantly scale up spend across the product listing markets and fix all technical issues plaguing the funnel.


Canal's complete re-structure and implementation of new methodology lead to a record Q4 for the brand. Revenue expectations were beaten each month of the quarter by an average of 19%. Furthermore, the new analytics and attribution systems lead to an influx of actionable sales funnel data which fueled more iterative efficiency gains. The following quarter also experienced above-projected revenue driven primarily by the digital advertising.

"Sales have been very strong this year, exceeding the plan, and much of that is due to Canal's help with the digital paid media strategy"

VP, Marketing | DTC Furniture Brand

Above Revenue Goal for Vital Revenue Month


SKUs Added and Optimized in Advertising Product Feeds


Additional Sales Funnel Data Points Unlocked and Tracked

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