Creating a Unicorn's Digital Sales Funnel

Digital Advertising

When a Silicon Valley software company needed to build a digital advertising program from the ground up in support of a sagging digital sales funnel, Canal Digital Studio built a program to optimize the entire funnel.

Canal's strategy, executions, managment and ability to scaling the sales funnel helped in the Software company earning a +$1B valuation.


Deal Value Driven From PPC


Reduction in CAC


Increase in Conversion Rate


With a small team, an SF-Based start-up need to raise awareness and drive new pipeline for its best-in-class compensation management software. The entire sales pipeline had been stood up with very little help or collaboration from digital marketing and advertising tools. When the team contact Canal Digital Studio, they needed guidance on how to use digital advertising to bolster both brand+product awareness while driving mid-funnel leads in immediately.


First, Canal audited existing digital sales funnel data in search of data points regarding user demographics, marketing channel strengths/weakness, drop off points, etc. Then Canal worked with the brand to understand the balance between their exact digital goals and the resources available, in this case a series of pipeline value goals, significant digital ad budgeting but a lack of strong media assets.

After the full assessment, Canal developed and presented a two-platform digital advertising strategy with a 60/40 split between top of funnel awareness building and mid-to-lower conversion based campaigns. Each platform and campaign was further siloed into targeted personas with creative, messaging and position to match their motivations, hesitations, anxieties, etc.

The Canal team called upon its marketing analytics expertise to unite sales, pipeline, digital marketing and digital advertising data together into a united view with the goal of unlocking data-driven actionable insights.


Over 20-months, the Canal team successfully managed, optimized and scaled the digital advertising program directly driving over 1/3rd of the company's pipeline value month over month. The Canal team also helped in improving SEO competitiveness, the launch of new products, the further unification of sales/marketing data and content strategy.


Leads Generated




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